Air Waves Spray

Air Waves Spray

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Palo Santo has long been used in spiritual ceremony in South America, in the same way that incense is used. The smoke of the burning wood is said to cleanse the energy field, and also carry intention to the ancestors. The uplifting mist is meant to be used on the body or surroundings. It captures the essence of Palo Santo (via hydrosol,  distilled in our Brooklyn studio), and combines it with essential oils of frankincense (from the same plant family), and also lavender - well known for it's calming abilities.

Usage: Spray liberally to promote feelings of positivity and ease. The mist is gentle enough to be used as a toning and refreshing mist for face and body, especially for those who may find themselves sensitive to full strength essential oils. 

May also be used as a linen spray - a mist on the pillow before bed to inspire peaceful dreaming. 

CONTAINS: Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens) Hydrosol (distilled water and sustainably harvested palo santo steam distilled), Essential oils of frankincense (Boswellia carterii)*, and lavender (lavendula anguvstifolia)*. Radish root ferment filtrate• 
* Organic •natural preservative

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