The Brand

Amelia is dedicated to the beauty and simplicity of modern life. Inspired by the whimsical things that bring joy to this world - objects take the shape of feathers, the moon, even ocean waves, and also the nostalgic - texture, scent, the memory of moments. A reminder of the wild, naive, and natural but also lighthearted. 
All products are made by hand in Millerton, NY.
Each item is crafted in small, thoughtful batches so that each item bears the marks of the creative process, or "the maker's hands."
Each item has a story - from the moment it's dreamt up and even after it finds a home outside of the studio. 

The Maker

Erica stepped away from 17+ years in fashion design to pursue a more intimate relationship with making and creating. She took up ceramics on a whim and then became completely enamored by the process.
At the same time, while trying to find natural alternatives to alleviate the stress caused by her fashion career- she acquired a certificate from the Herbal Academy of New England. She began to fall deeper in love with the world of plants which led to the creation of a short-lived apothecary line, and also a collection of handmade incense - which she makes from ethically obtained sources (some she even harvests herself!).
She recently relocated with her husband Greg and Boston Terrier Betty
from the concrete jungle of Brooklyn to the lush Hudson Valley, so she could be closer to nature - her true muse. 

But who is Amelia?

Amelia is the name Erica's late father wanted to call her, but ultimately didn't. 
He wanted to name her Amelia Erica  - and call her America for short -  because he had just received his US citizenship and was over the moon about the new opportunities available to him and his family in their new home. The name Amelia actually means "industrious" and "striving, or doing one's best" and it is both an homage to her father - a gifted architect with many creative pursuits - and also to his vision for her - an inspired creative doing her best to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams.