New Beginnings

Why on earth would anyone leave NYC? Brooklyn? After 13+ years in NY - a city i spent my whole life tethered to in one way or another - i started feeling the need for a shift. 
My studio rent was skyrocketing to the point where it cost nearly the same as my mortgage every month, and space seemed to be evaporating with the accumulation of tools and supplies. Our apartment that once seemed spacious was feeling cramped and cluttered. It was definitely not fostering creativity or productivity. Also, my spiritual practice was suffering. Imagine being an empath in a city where people live on top of each other - all those vibes crashing like waves on a rocky shoreline. After much convincing, Husband was finally ready to make the move as well.
All his favorite record stores were closing, as were the all the bars, venues, and restaurants that we used to frequent. The neighbors - though super friendly - weren't creatives like us. A lot of our friends moved away to raise their families or explore other cities, other coasts. It was time.   

we looked all up and down the Hudson Valley. We looked in the Catskills. We looked in the cute and bustling little towns: Hudson, Tivoli, Red Hook, Rosendale. I was falling in love every week with old 18th Century farmhouses and fixer-upper barns where I imagined my new studio would reside. But then we'd see them and my heart would break. Too much work. Needs a whole-house rewire to run the kiln without causing a fire. Bricks crumbling. Too much land to maintain without help (or machinery).

The truth of it is that the Husband is a very practical guy. And, as much as my little heart wanted to be in the middle of the woods in a falling down dilapidated charmer, the reality was that we needed to be in a house that was ready for both of us to work (he's an industrial designer) with little to no repair. And finally, after months of searching - we found it.
A modern, barn-ish home on a couple acres, surrounded by woods and overlooking a sleepy little valley and a medium sized mountain. I didn't expect to love it like i do - but the barn sliders (though modern) are a nod to the little farmhouse i was dreaming of. Also, the sterile interior will lend itself really well to decorating with 70's fiber art and other wooly things. The edges of the property are full of healing herbs that i've been harvesting since we moved in, and the little garden in the back is shaping up to be dreamy (and manageable unlike the little mini-farm I imagined in my overachiever brain). It's finally starting to feel like home here in Millerton, NY. 

It took a little while to get the studio up and running (kiln install, unpacking, etc.) but now I'm finally ready (and inspired!!) to get back to making.  So THANK YOU for your patience, and  I hope you're as excited as I am for all of the new things that come with a shift like this. :) 

Erica Recto