About the Brand

Amelia Brooklyn is a collection of ceramics, apothecary, and other items handcrafted in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The company was started as an outlet for the many artistic and holistic endeavors of its founder, Erica Recto.
All creations are inspired by travels, island ancestry, and day-to-day life in bustling Brooklyn.
Only the finest ingredients are used in our apothecary – organic, wild crafted when possible, sustainable.
All ceramics are made by hand, and thus one of a kind.
These items and objects are as much a celebration of process as they are expressions of form and function.

About Erica

Erica stepped away from 17+ years in mass market fashion design to pursue a more intimate relationship with making and creating.
She took up ceramics on a whim and then became completely enamored and immersed in the process.
At the same time, while trying to find natural alternatives to alleviate the physical and mental stress
caused by her fast-paced fashion career- she acquired a certificate from the Herbal Academy of New England.
She is currently continuing her herbal studies, and integrating them into her life and work.
She is Filipino-American, and often calls upon her heritage by using traditional Philippine medicinal plants
in her herbal blends, as well as paying tribute to ancient Filipino graphic motifs in some of her ceramic forms.

But who is Amelia?

Amelia is the name Erica's late father wanted to give her, but ultimately didn't.
He wanted to name her Amelia Erica and call her America for short , because he had just received his US citizenship,
and was over the moon about the new opportunities available to him and his family.
The name Amelia is an homage to her father - a gifted architect with many creative pursuits -
and also to his vision for her - an inspired creative pursuing her entrepreneurial dreams.