Amelia was started to inspire people to live life in beauty and celebration.
 Amelia Brooklyn is dedicated to the daily rituals that make up our modern lives - reintegrating a sense of ceremony that is often lost or overlooked in the high speed shuffle of our day-to-day.  Inspired by the whimsical things that bring joy to this world - objects often take the shape of feathers, the moon, even ocean waves. A reminder of the wild, and natural to keep balance in our tech-heavy lives.

 All products are made by hand, in my Brooklyn studio in small, thoughtful batches so that each item bears the marks of a labored creative process. Each item has a story from the moment it's dreamt up until it finds a home outside of the studio. 

My Story

I stepped away from 16+ years in fashion design to pursue a more intimate relationship with making and creating. When working in the mass market, I felt distanced from the creative process - sending sketches across the world to receive samples from people who didn't communicate with me directly - it was all so impersonal; cold and commercialized.

I was called to step back from our fast-paced consumer culture and instead make objects by hand. I now create items with the intention that they will be cherished by the hands that come to hold them.
In today's modern life - especially in Brooklyn where I live - it is so easy to get caught in the hustle and bustle. I hope to inspire a return to ritual and ceremony by sharing these objects made with love, care and intention - to be used with the same.